A Great Place to Grow n' Learn
A Great Place to Grow n' Learn

            Covid 19 Precautions in Our Classrooms





***Temperature checks are done on parents, staff & children upon entering the center daily.


·         Face mask are not required at this time.


·         Children and staff must wash hands upon entering our classrooms.** Parents may use hand sanitizer upon entering the classroom during drop-off or pick-up.


·         All surfaces that are touched frequently are sanitized daily; disinfected at naptime and at the end of each day.


·         Toys are disinfected weekly and mouthed toys are disinfected daily/as needed.


·         If you or your child are feeling sick do not enter our classrooms.


·         At naptime teachers are allowed to lower their mask while the children are napping and when they are more than 6 feet from a child.


·         There are air purifiers in our classrooms and the center is sprayed with a germicide or Lysol spray at the end of the day to help kill cold/ flu viruses and covid 19 virus.


·         In the event that a child or staff member in this room becomes ill with Covid, we will follow CDC recommended guidelines. The room will be closed for 24 hours for a deep cleaning. Only children or staff with symptoms of Covid must quarantine and/or get tested for 5 days.






With your Health and Safety  in Mind!


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