Child Care Rates- Atlanta Location

Our tuition is due two weeks in advance. If your family receives state assistance and your family has a sliding fee, your sliiding fee will be due on the 1st monday of each month. Families are required to sign-up for Tuition express upon enrollment. This assures a contact less payment system. ** Cash checks or money orders are not accepted. Electronic payments only.




Registration Fee is $75 per child up to 2 children or $150 per family. ** Registration for Additional children are free.


** Georgia CAPS will be accepted


 Full Time Rates         


Ages 6wks-17months


Includes food and Center Supplied Formula


Toddlers / Two year olds

Ages 18-35 Months



Two Year Olds



Preschool Ages 3-4



Private Pre K (Ages 4-5)



Part Tiime Preschool or Pre-K is $100/wk. Hours 8am-12pm Only. ** Includes ,breakfast, activities, lunch and Outdoor time.


Before/After kids Club

$90/wk (before or after care only)


$125/wk (before & after care)


** In the event of a school closing we charge $25/day for full day care for children ages 5-12.


Summer Camp 2022 (ages 6-12) 



Thank you for choosing Learning Days. Do you have enrollment questions? Call us Today!


** Multi child discount is $10 off per week  when a family has more than 2 children enrolled.

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