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In Our Classrooms we implement an integrated Curriculum. We integrate principles from research based curriculum programs such as: Creative Curriculum Practices incorporated with some Project Construct & High Scope Principles) and is appropriate for the age and developmental level of each child including meeting their social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs. 


Moreover, our curriculum activities are also based on an on-going classroom observation process of the children. Furthermore, each child’s developmental progress is documented and discussed with parents in the form of an annual parent-teacher conference, weekly progress reports and quarterly developmental checklist. 


The children are provided with a variety of stimulating materials on a daily basis that provides them with opportunities to explore their classroom and outdoor environment. Furthermore, there is plenty of adult-child interaction through planned activities.


Each day there are planned Small and Large group activities that meet the individual and developmental interest of each child. The curriculum is also relevant and reflective to diverse cultures. Most of all the curriculum is designed to assure that all the children experience success.


Research shows that young children must be provided with play opportunities. While children are engaged in our play, we encourage the children to: Observe, explore, discover, question, problem solve, share experiences, initiate activities, make choices, engage in ongoing activities and interact.


Daily Activities include: music and movement; art, science, math, dramatic play, cooking, daily life skills, exploring natural materials, gross/fine motor development and language activities. A daily Journal time is also planned to develop writing skills.


Our Developmental/Academic Focus for each age group is as follows:


0-23 months: We focus on language development and providing a learning experience that promotes brain development.  (see infant care)


2's- recognize their shapes, colors,  counting aloud, introduce toddlers to writing skills, develop their social skills through play; such as sharing, and build their Language skills by learning new words.


3'- Introduce the children to Alphabet & Number recognition, review shapes, colors and work on writing their names and cutting skills.


4's-5's- Conventional Knowledge, Introduce the children to word recognition, writing words and  Alphabet, Kindergarten Readiness including and reading 3-5 word sentences.


*Our Atlanta Location implements Georgia Pre-K Practices  in our Private Pr-K Program.


Encouraging Thinking Skills. As children explore the materials in their classroom and outdoor environment, the teachers expand the play by asking open-ended questions. Asking open-ended questions prompt children’s active participation in the learning process and it gives the teacher a better understanding of the children in their care. Moreover, this helps us to plan curriculum activities that challenge the children and encourage them to think.


Children’s Work. The children’s work is creatively displayed on the walls. Some work is stored in Portfolios (3-Ring Binder) and four days a week, work is sent home with the children.


Bible Based Activities: The children start their day by reciting the Lord’s Prayer and a bible verse (provided by Abeka Curriculum) to meet each child spiritual needs. Bible verse awards are sent home once a month.




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