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A Great Place to Grow n' Learn


   2023/2024 School Year Enrollment Begins in July!



Our Preschool Learning Environment: Since children learn best through active explorations, we provide them with enriching learning opportunities and resources. The environment is designed to encourage the children ( ages 2-3) to be creative and innovative.

Our Preschool rooms

  1. Caterpillar Room ( 2-year olds) ** 10 Children. In the 2 year old room, we focus on language development, potty training, shape, color recognition and so much more.
  2. Butterfly room ( 3-year olds) ** 15 Children, The butterfly room is designed for children ages 3-4. The academic focus is on alphabet recognition, beginning writing skills, fine motor skills, lots of group activities and so much more.


What Children Learn: Daily activities include: art, math, music/movement, fine motor, language/literacy, handwriting, life skills, self-help skills, cooking skills and so much more.  Each child also is responsible for a weekly chore such as watering the plants.


The Teacher’s Role: Teachers observe and interact with the children while they are working in the interest areas. Observations enable teachers to learn about and plan for each child and group.


The Family’s Role: We welcome parents to visit our classrooms at any time while their child is in the program. We communicate with parents on a regular basis, partnering on children’s learning, and responding to challenging situations.  Parent conferences are scheduled in November of each preschool year.


Classroom Learning Centers: Our areas are - Blocks, Dramatic Play, Math, Art, Library, Science, Sand/water, Listening, Handwriting, Outdoors, Cooking and Music Movement. At each of the centers we provide various materials that meet the developmental needs of the children, enhance learning and teaching in each area with a Theme.


Bible verses and Prayer

Bible Verses and Prayer are recited each day during circle time. At the end of every month, a bible verse award is sent home.


Weekly Progress Reports

Daily reports are sent home for 2-year olds and weekly reports are sent home with children 2 amd 3 year olds. Weekly progress reports are a summary of each child’s behavior and learning experiences in the classroom.



Each preschooler will need a 3 ring binder, spiral note book, hand sanitizer, tissue, extra clothing, blanket, fitted sheet and a photo of themselves.





Preschool Curriculum Overview
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