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 Now Enrolling for Our Private Pre-K Program!

Our Year Round Private Prek room is a very large spacious classroom. The classroom has a very stimulating environment that meets the needs of children ages 4-to-5. Full-Year Prek K also includes a Educational Summer Camp!


In our Prek room you will find the following Learning Centers: 

  • Art
  • Music/movement
  • Science
  • Circle Time area for group Learning
  • Reading center
  • Block Building
  • Dramatic Play ( For imaginary Play)
  • Handwriting station
  • Math/Manipulatives
  • Laptop for computer time and some tablets


Our goal is to have each child ready for their kindergarten experiences by using the Creative Curriculum and following the Georgia Early  Learning Standards in our Pre K classroom.


How we track Development


We track the children’s development and do classroom observations daily. Homework and progress reports are sent home every Friday to keep the parent involved on what the children are learning in the class.


Annual parent/teacher conferences are conducted to inform you of your child’s progress. At the end of the school year, we celebrate those who will be going to kindergarten by having a graduation ceremony.


Enrollment Requirement

  1. Schedule a Tour and a Trial day
  2. Pay registration Fee ** See rates page
  3. Complete all required enrollment forms and return to the Director before your child's first day
  4. Purchase Your child Pre-K supplies and Uniform 

* PreK Uniform Consists of: A Navy Blue Polo shirt and Khaki color pants, shorts or skirt.


Daily Activities


The children begin their day with a morning circle time where they will talk about the activity of the day, weather, classrules, days of the week, the letter for the week, color for the month, shape for the month, and number for the week. 


The children will also learn how to write and spell  a word each day and by the end of the school year, the goals is for the children to read a 3-5 word sentence. Along with writing skills, we focus on Kindergarden readiness.


Bible Activities


The children recite the Lord’s Prayer and a bible verse daily at circle time and they will receive a bible verse certificate at the end of each month.




The lesson plans are posted in the classroom for the parents to review. The children are provided with a variety of stimulating activities and materials. We encourage the children to explore their surroundings inside and outside the class. Each day there are planned small and large group activities that meet the individual and developmental interest of each child.


The curriculum is also relevant and reflective to diverse cultures and designed to assure that all the children experience and radiate success.


While children are engaged in play, we encourage the children to: ask questions, problem solve, share experiences, initiate activities, make choices, and interact. Everyday there are opportunities for the children to experience music and movement, art, dramatic play, math, science, reading, sensory activities, and cooking projects.


A daily journal time is planned into each day to encourage the children to write. ( see below)


Encouraging Thinking Skills


We encourage thinking skills by using open-ended questions throughout the day. This helps to promote the children to participate in the learning process. This will also help the teacher to plan challenging activities that encourage the child to think.



In May, we hold a Graduation for all the children that complete our prek program. At our annual Graduation cermony, a prek diplomas is issued to our little graduates. ** There is a cap and gown fee.



Contact Us to Enroll Your Child In Our (Year Round) Private Pre-K Today!

** Part and Full Day  Enrollment Available

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